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Why is ICE Raiding 7-Elevens?

Q:  I saw something in the news that said Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents raided a bunch of 7-Eleven stores in January, apparently looking for illegal workers. I know they’re a large chain but, is this something a small business owner like me should... read more

Should I Skip Giving a 2 Week Notice?

 Q: I have accepted a new job that starts in a month. Now I have to give a two-week notice at my current job, but I am conflicted because of the way they’ve treated other people who have given their two-week notice.  One was asked to leave right away, which meant they... read more

Two Employee Handbook Updates to Consider

Q:  We like to give our employee handbook a quick review at the beginning of each year, do you recommend any particular additions or updates? A:  This a great time to take a quick look at your employee handbook and determine if there are updates or changes you’d like... read more

Overcrowded email inbox? Think laundry sorting

Have you tried all kinds of different technology, software tools and filing systems to stay on top of your expanding email inbox without success?  I know I have.  But, they all turned out to be too complicated and were eventually abandoned. Like everyone else out... read more

My Favorite Workplace Trends for 2018

During the last week of every year, I scout business articles and professional journals for next year’s workplace trends (so you don’t have to).  Here are the three I found most interesting for 2018: More human interaction Consider this a backlash/adjustment to the... read more

Workplace tips for the holiday blues

We just survived Thanksgiving weekend and now, we brace ourselves for the rest of the holidays. While the holidays can bring joy to many,  it can also bring increased anxiety and sadness to others.  For most of us  the season is an emotionally charged mixed-bag of ups... read more

Employee With Delusions of Grandeur? How to Handle

Q:  I’m supposed to do a yearly evaluation of an employee I’ve supervised for only three months.  From what I’ve observed, she’s a so-so performer and needs improvement in most areas.   The problem:  She thinks she’s doing great.  I’ve overheard her being confident... read more

Getting Interrupted at Meetings? Try These Tips

Q:  Last week you talked about all the studies that show that women are interrupted more often than men, and that this originates from an unconscious bias both genders have about women.  Is there something women can do to lessen interruptions? or can you suggest  how... read more

Think of LinkedIn as Your Digital Business Card

Q:  I have a LinkedIn account that I haven’t touched in years, mainly because I have a stable job and thankfully I’m not looking for one.  I’m aware LinkedIn came out with a new version earlier this year, but I’m questioning whether I should bother updating my... read more

Who -Or What- Is Reading Your Resume?

When was the last time you were job hunting?  Last week we heard from an anxious reader who hasn’t had to look for a job in over ten years and – because so much has changed in the last decade- was asking for resume advice. This won’t be a surprise but,... read more

Employers: Compassion is Key

  Back in April, right here in this space, I advised small employers against making loans or “advances” for employees. Then Irma happened.  So now I’m re-thinking all that. I’m sure every single Floridian was affected by this storm: we either evacuated, lost power or... read more

After the Storm – Tips to Keep the Team Going

 After a storm, there is an opportunity to bring people together and create a stronger team.  Here are some tips about ways to do that while building camaraderie and teamwork. Check in with your employees – Preferably in a group setting, find out who was affected and... read more

When Off-the-clock Actions Jeopardize Your Job

Q:  Last week you discussed scenarios where people can get fired for behavior outside of working hours.  This left me feeling like we have to watch ourselves even when we’re not at work or we may lose our jobs. Those firings sound so subjective, am I right to feel... read more

Can Being a Nazi Get You Fired?

Q: I can’t believe I’m even asking this, but can you discuss the legalities of firing someone for being a Nazi outside of work?   The recent events in Charlottesville are making me curious about what implications this might have since I’ve read that a few... read more

Google’s Memo Brouhaha: My Take

So, did you hear about the Googler’s manifesto brouhaha? In case you haven’t, last week an engineer at Google distributed a 10-page memo in one of their internal platforms, in order to have an open discussion about Google’s diversity programs.  The manifesto made its... read more

Advice to Women Who Want to Earn Equal Pay

The gender pay gap was back in the news and the topic came up among some friends.  The discussion started with the generally agreed upon statistic that “women make 78 ¢ents on the dollar as men”, but I had to quickly explain my more nuanced take on that misleading... read more

Don’t Overlook These Basics in Your Job Search

Q:  I have been job hunting for about three months with little luck. I‘ve had a couple of interviews but afterwards,  I never heard anything back.  The most frustrating part is that I don’t know why.  I wish there was a way to find out what I’m doing wrong. A: You... read more

Layoff Decisions:  a Peek Behind the Curtain

In a recent column, I noted that layoffs were “a miserable experience all around:  for the employees affected, those who survived, and also for management who had to do the deed”. Well, I got some push-back on the last part; someone basically having little sympathy... read more



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