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Written in clear, plain English, either box gives you all the paperwork and advice needed to manage your employees.

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Who should get this?
  • If you are a start-up that plans to grow to more than 10 employees
  • If you plan to hire interns and contractors
  • If you’re an established small business who hasn’t set up any HR practices
  • If you want to have policies addressing the use of technology
What's the difference between boxes?

The Premium Box has:

  • resources for hiring interns and independent contractors
  • additional interviewing tips, and legal dos and don’t guides
  • additional documents such as: a self evaluation template, an exit interview questionnaire and termination letter templates

The Premium Box has a Handbook with many more policies such as:

  • using cell phone while driving for work,
  • use of social media,
  • PTO  paid-time-off use and accrual.
Why get the Premium?

To get access to so much more than the bare essentials. To quote one of our happy customers “The value of investing in this is a no brainer!”


What our clients are saying

I love the HR Box!  It’s all I’ve ever needed for the HR portion of my small but growing business.

LeeAnn Applewhite

CEO & Founder, Applied Food Technologies

As a small business owner and more specifically a startup our purchase of the HR Box has been one of our best decisions.

Emilee McDonald

CEO & Founder, MacNificent Solutions

The HR Box has been an indispensable asset in the growth of my company.            Do not try to run a business without one!

Brandon West

CEO & Founder, West Designs

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