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All businesses are required to display the posters listed below in a visible area to employees and applicants, regardless of the number of employees. If you don’t have them, don’t worry simply go to websites linked below and download them for free. All of these posters (and much more) are also included in the HR in a Box, with complete information on posters required if you have from 1 to 50 employees.

OSHA Poster

Florida Re-employment Poster (formerly Unemployment Compensation)

Florida Minimum Wage Poster 2016

Federal Minimum Wage Poster

State of Florida Posters




Affordable Healthcare Act notification form for employers offering health insurance

Affordable Healthcare Act  notification form for employers NOT offering health insurance


Newest I-9 Form – Latest I-9 Form, Updated March 2013 good through 3/2016

I-9 Handbook for Employers – How to’s from the Department of Labor

W-4 Form 2016 – All employees must complete this form

Workers Comp Poster – Free “Broken Arm” Poster (now an X-Ray Poster)

Florida New Hire Reporting – Report new employees within 20 days of hire

DOL Guidelines for Classifying Exempt and Non Exempt – Helps you figure out who must be paid overtime

Government Information – Useful statistics gathered by the U.S. government.

Internal Revenue Service – Surprisingly helpful and informative, includes offers for free services, CD-ROMS, and publications.

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