Hello, I’m Eva Del Rio and I’ve created a downloadable product, with all the HR essentials needed by small businesses or start-ups. It’s called the HR Box™.

HR Box™ Creator Eva Del Rio

HR Box™ Creator Eva Del Rio ◦ HR Consultant ◦ Trainer ◦ Columnist ◦ Speaker

For years I’ve helped small businesses and start-ups use best HR practices and common-sense advice to succeed…. and I saw the same HR issues coming up again and again.  So, I created the HR Box™ to prevent those common HR problems.

People who start a business usually know that they’ll need a lawyer and an accountant. But they usually don’t think about human resources until something goes wrong with a bad hire or there’s a misunderstanding about pay or someone makes a complaint. And then, it’s too late.

The HR Box™ is a stand-alone product you download that prevents those problems.  It comes with how-to guides (to hire, fire, interview).  It has templates for offer letters, employment agreements, documenting problems. It has HR documents like policies AND an employee handbook.

The HR Box™ has it all in one place, it’s simple, it’s affordable and gives peace of mind.  Created by me, an HR Pro who knows what start-ups need.

Now, for the boring stuff.  I have a Masters degree in Education from the University of Florida and worked in corporate HR over 20 years;  I’m accredited as a Senior Human Resources Professional (SPHR) and I write a weekly column for the business section of The Gainesville Sun.  I’m also an instructor and an expert resource for the Center for Innovation and Economic Development (CIED) which is Santa Fe College’s business incubator.  I serve on the board of GAIN, the Gainesville Area Innovation Network as well as the board of the North Central Florida Society of Human Resources Management.

Check out my blog page and older articles here.  Use the search function to find your topic.

Yes, I know most people have had a bad experience with HR or the HR department. But when done right, HR can be great for business and great for people.  It can make everyone happier.  Trust me!



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