Customizable HR Documents. Templates. Guides.

Everything needed to manage your employees effectively and legally

For Florida businesses under 50 employees

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A collection of ready-to-use downloadable documents, templates and how-to guides

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Choose between a Starter Box or a Premium Box, both include all the essentials needed to interview, hire, manage and lead your people.


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Choose between the STARTER Box or the Premium Box.


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How it Works

The HR Box is a collection of ready-to-use downloadable documents, templates and how-to guides,

designed for Florida businesses with fewer than 49 employees.

Written in plain English the HR Box gives you all the paperwork and advice needed to manage your employees effectively and legally.

Yes, you even get those law posters.

The HR Box is a great value.  And the benefits? Priceless.


Knowing you have expert, up-to-date information at your fingertips. Knowing you’re doing the right thing for your company and your people.


You’ll know how to give better feedback.  How to let others know where they stand.  How to manage more fairly and consistently.


You’ll have all the required posters, policies and standards needed to run your business by the book.  Preventing problems before they happen.


You’ll have ready-to-use templates and forms when you need them.  No more hours searching for answers from questionable sources online.

Testimonials - What our customers are saying

The HR Box has been an indispensable asset in the growth of my company!  The resources have empowered me to lead my team and have supported the creation of a solid culture at West Designs.  Do not try to run a business without one!

Brandon West

CEO & Founder, West Designs

I love the HR Box!  It’s all I’ve ever needed for the HR portion of my small but growing business.  I really appreciate the company customized forms and employee handbook.   I like knowing that when I interview and hire a new employee, everything I need is in the HR Box.  It’s one of my most valuable tools for operating and growing a business.

LeeAnn Applewhite

CEO & Co-Founder, Applied Food Technologies, Inc

Just wanted to let you know it’s so great to have HR Box ready before I even realize I need things. We had an issue with an employee and needed to start documentation of that for the first time, so I loaded up the Problems section and found your form and had much better documentation than I would have had otherwise, and without the hour of searching the web that I would have spent otherwise! Thanks.

Lindsey Tropf, M.Ed.

CEO & Co-Founder, Immersed Games

As a small business owner and more specifically a startup our purchase of the HR Box has been one of our best decisions. It is an easily referenced tool but more importantly it is easily implemented. We have a handbook, a formal review process, and many other features that I know even some of our clients who have been in business for 20 plus years don’t have. The value of investing in this is a no brainer!

Emilee McDonald

CEO & Founder, MacNificent Solutions

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